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PrimeTrack is a leading provider of advanced telematics services in West Africa. We are licensed to provide GPS tracking, fleet management & speed limiter solutions to corporates & individuals. Our products come with extended warranty, and we are known for our impeccable after-sales service called PrimeCARE. Prime clients are treated like royalty – for life! – which is why they remain loyal to the brand – for ages. At PrimeTrack great service is not just everything – it is the ONLY thing! With over 10 years experience in helping our clients simplify their logistics, amplify their efficiencies and drive down their fleet operating costs, PrimeTrack is properly positioned to accord you the bliss that comes with getting real value for money.

Send us a mail today or call PrimeCARE on 070-000-PRIME to get started. You’re welcome.

What We Do

VEHICLE TRACKING: We are licensed by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) as a provider of vehicle tracking & telematics services. learn more>>

SPEED LIMITERS: We are accredited by the FRSC for the supply, sale, installation & calibration of speed limiting devices in Nigeria. learn more>>

PREMISES TRACKING: We offer bespoke solutions in turnkey CCTV installation projects with remote viewing capabilities. learn more>>

Simplified Logistics

Our technology enhances your asset security and simplifies your logistics operations in more ways than one. Below are some immediate direct benefits:

1. DIRECT COST SAVINGS from productive management & control of vehicular operating costs (driver behavior, driver control, asset wear & tear, etc)

2. IMPROVED EFFICIENCY from greater visibility of personnel & goods movements (route planning, idling & downtimes, improved delivery turn-around-times

3. DEPENDABLE SECURITY against theft, misuse, & goods diversion (monitor every move, take control from the driver, get instant notification for breaches)

4. VOICE ACTIVATION allows you to access to in-vehicle conversations for closer monitoring purpose & analyses

5. AUTOMATE your fleet management the way it suits your person or business, no one-size-fits-all, the technology can be “owned” by you due to it’s limitless flexibility & scalability

6. REPORTS & HISTORICAL ANALYSIS ensures you can play a history of everywhere the asset has been to over a specified period of time & download to a spreadsheet for decision making purposes

7. MOBILE SERVICE provides you the ability to monitor & manage your entire fleet on-the-go, everywhere you go (on cellphone, tablet)

Our Clients, Our Brands