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20 Reasons Why You Should Track With PrimeTrack

  1. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on all our trackers. We don’t just sell you our products, we stick with you for the life of your vehicle; adding value, and going the extra mile to support your needs
  2. We are registered with the CAC and licensed by the NCC, making us one of the few legitimate providers of vehicle tracking services to the general public, & further assuring you of the quality of our products & confidence in our ability to be there for you for years to come
  3. Our trackers are unique! In all of West Africa, no other tracking system comes close in terms of quality, versatility and array of features! We have both local & international certifications attesting to our product quality and uniqueness
  4. Our system is tropicalised for the West Africa environment. What that means is that with PrimeTrack, there are no downtimes or system glitches even in areas where GSM connectivity is comparatively low. And that is a big deal
  5. We offer a 100% web-based fleet management system with utilities, reporting & customisable functionalities
  6. We also provide a mobile tracking platform, enabling you to access your vehicles online either on a BlackBerry phone, iPhone/iPad, Android, or any other mobile device
  7. We operate a 3-tier tracking system spanning 3 continents – Europe, Asia & Africa; with after-sales support available in all of these continents
  8. Our tracking report functionality is extremely robust, enabling you to generate over 25 different kinds of MIS reports at the click of a button, and exportable directly to MS Excel for personal or corporate fleet analysis
  9. Our system supports 4-frequency GSM 900/1800 MHz bands, with 850/1900 optional, providing global operations and operatable everywhere you go
  10. Our trackers are “intelligent”: they automatically generate email alerts anytime a vehicle breaches pre-set parameters and send same to designated recipients without any manual intervention whatsoever
  11. Our system is capable of tracking thousands of vehicles at once - from the same screen and using the same user details. Slave accounts can also be created
  12. The system supports multiple text messaging, as well as camera & fuel monitoring functions (optional)
  13. It allows viewing of car speeds LIVE - in real-time - and playback the movements of everywhere the car has been over a period of 3 years previously. It also allows viewing “idling” – you can tell from the tracking portal screen whether your vehicle’s ignition is on or off while stationary
  14. Geofencing facility sends breach alert email whenever vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area; and with precision geo-fencing you can monitor arrivals/departures from designated POIs (points of interest)
  15. Speed alerts  & power event notifications via email every time the vehicle is tampered with
  16. System can demobilise/re-mobilise vehicle by SMS text anytime, anywhere, or directly from the web portal
  17. Built in back-up battery – ensures continuous tracking for a specific period of time when vehicle power is removed
  18. Bugging microphone can be activated to listen to conversations in and around the vehicle during an emergency (optional)
  19. At PrimeTrack, ALL our clients are called “KINGS”! They enjoy PrimeCARE, personalised service, dedicated account officers & 24hours call center! It is Royal treatment all year round
  20. PrimeTrack is pro-active, responsive, & eager to go beyond the call of duty to help & support our clients
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