Vehicle Tracking

In Nigeria, cars are stolen virtually every hour. In West Africa as a whole, the statistics are even more mind-boggling!  If all such vehicles were secured with PrimeTrack vehicle tracking devices, the odds are that they will be recovered within half-an hour from the time of theft, give or take a couple of minutes. PrimeTrack has a stolen vehicle recovery rate of 100% so far, making it the most efficient vehicle tracking company in the entire West African bloc.

Why Choose PrimeTrack

  1. We are NCC-licensed for tracking systems, & FRSC-accredited for speed limiter sales & calibrations
  2. We don’t just sell you our devices, we stick around for the life of your vehicle – going the extra mile with support & Prime customer care
  3. We offer a scalable web-based tracking software accompanied by an intuitive mobile tracking system for smartphones
  4. Historical analysis on-the-go, MIS reports & utilities with customizable functions and bespoke configurations per client needs
  5. International roaming capability enabling vehicle trackability even outside the shores of the country
  6. Voice activation, daily mileage counts, easy immobilizer, precision geo-fencing, auto-system alerts & vehicle maintenance records reminders
  7. Proprietary smart-chip that mitigates poor network situations giving you enhanced tracking features even in remote/poor network locations
  8. All coupled with our rugged speed governing systems, your fleet operations and management enjoys a holistic cost-benefit ROI
  9. And our tracker warranty period? For LIFE! Terms apply!