Vehicle Tracking

In Nigeria, cars are stolen virtually every hour. In West Africa as a whole, the statistics are even more mind-boggling!  If all such vehicles were secured with PrimeTrack vehicle tracking devices, the odds are that they will be recovered within half-an hour from the time of theft, give or take a couple of minutes. PrimeTrack has a stolen vehicle recovery rate of 100% so far, making it the most efficient vehicle tracking company in the entire West African bloc.


  • Are you sure your vehicle will be where you left it when you get back from that venue?
  • Are you sure your driver is truly held up in traffic and not idling somewhere else with your car?
  • What are the guarantees that your hired hand will not bolt with your vehicle, or mis-use it while you are away from home?

Securing your vehicle with PrimeTrack solves all these problems for you. So that you can savour the joy of your priced possession with peace of mind.

PrimeTrack devices are intuitive, easy to use, interactive web-based systems that provide comprehensive tracking in real-time. They self-test periodically, run diagnostics on your vehicle, and provide critical “as-is” reports at all times so you can be in control of the utilities of your car. The systems are not encumbered by GSM signal fluctuations as the vehicle moves from place to place. This singular feature, amongst others, makes PrimeTrack devices stand out amongst the rest.