Speed Limiters


With effect from Feb 1, 2017, the Federal Government of Nigeria – through the FRSC – mandated that ALL vehicles used for business/commercial purposes must be fitted with speed-limiting devices in compliance with extant laws before they can be legally permitted to ply the nation’s federal highways.

What  Are Speed Limiters? 

They are electronic devices that determine the top speed at which a moving vehicle can travel.

How Do They Work? 

In a nutshell, a series of sensors detect how fast a vehicle is moving, then communicates that information to the vehicle’s engine management systems. Once a pre-determined top speed is reached, the speed limiter activates to restrict the flow of air and/or fuel to the engine and the sparks that propel engine combustion. The consequence of this restriction is the reduction of the speed of the vehicle to the pre-set (calibrated) value.

Why Install Speed Limiters?

Safety of Lives: The primary reason is to compel motorists to travel within approved speed limits, in order to prevent deaths or grave bodily harm in the event of an accident.The higher the speed of a car, the more aerodynamically unstable it is due to wind resistance and forces of inertia, and the higher the risks of fatalities in the event of an accident at such speeds. Speed Limiters help to minimize these risks.

Engine Protection: Speed limiters also help protect the engine of the vehicle. Most vehicles’ engine lifespan degrade significantly if they are made to always travel at top speed because the increased strain wears them off faster over a short period of time.

Vehicle Tyres: Tyres wear out quicker when the vehicle constantly moves at top speed.  Speed limiters help to ensure longer tyre life-span and integrity.

Who Can Install Speed Limiters?

Only vendors that have been accredited by the regulatory government parastatals (FRSC, SON) are permitted to install approved Speed Limit device in vehicles. Any installation not carried out by FRSC-accredited vendors is null & void. A list of accredited vendors is published on the FRSC Website. PrimeTrack Telematics is fully accredited.

What Next After Installation?

Upon installation & calibration, we will register your vehicle details on the FRSC Speed Limiter portal from where a Certificate of Fitment will be generated and given to you as proof of compliance. Annual checks and/or re-calibration will also be required and recertified.

How Do I Verify My Speed Limiter Compliance Status?

  • Input your vehicle’s plate number here and click submit
  • Your speed limiter compliance status will be displayed on screen

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