Premises Tracking

Prime Home Tracking & Surveillance Systems:

You can rely on our wireless, weatherproof, night-vision capable multi-functional cameras to capture videos and images of all the happenings around and within your premises.

These cameras are connected to a central processing unit (usually a customised DVR) which feeds data into a broadband access point to give you remote access & tracking capabilities.

Upon set-up and full activation, you only need to log on to a dedicated url and call up video feeds and live images of everything going on in your home, office, factory or any type of premises whatsoever.

All data can be stored for record purposes to your dedicated media archive. Recordings can be scheduled or timed at intervals

You can also remotely control your cameras, tilt viewing angles, zoom & pan; as well as track movements inside your premises or activate alarms.

All these you can do from anywhere you are in the world!

Prime Home Tracking & Surveillance Systems are:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Of prime quality
  • Affordable by all
  • Backed by warranty

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Some Benefits of Our Remote Home Tracking:

There are several options available for our home remote sureveillance/tracking including tracking on a PC, tablet or your smartphone. It means that you can have the peace of mind which comes through being able to monitor your business – or your home – any time and from anywhere

You can keep an eye on what is going on in your office, on your business premises, or in your home, in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever you are in the world

You can even monitor multiple locations from your smart phone and this is very handy if you have a number of properties that you have to protect and keep secure

You can check on your staff, if it is a business that you are monitoring, and monitor their performance in your absence, or your family if you are using the iPhone as a personal tool. Just think of the reassurance that comes through being able to make sure that your children are safe and well

No matter where you go, you are still at home, literally! You can monitor family and loved ones from anywhere you are in the world on your phone or laptop

If there are any untoward incidents, then you can capture them and take whatever action that is necessary.