About Prime

PrimeTrack is the leading provider of advanced telematics services in all of West Africa. Our products come with extended warranty  – a reflection of our certainty of their unparalleled quality – and we have an impeccable after-sales support service called PrimeCARE – which is indeed second to none in the industry today. So when you patronise PrimeTrack, you are buying a long-lasting relationship, not just a product or service.


“To be the Prime choice in provision of telematics products & services in all of West Africa.”


“Working to consistently surpass clients’ expectations in the provision of prime-quality products & services that guarantee safety & security for their assets & simplifies their logistics processes in the most cost-effective way possible.”

Core Values

Performance …ability to achieve intended objectives
Reliability…ability to consistently deliver on performance against all odds
Innovation… ability to deploy cutting-edge technology to practical use
Multi-function…ability to do a lot more than is generally thought possible
Efficiency…our strongest virtue, a word that speaks for itself

PrimeTrack is regarded as one of the most professional & value-for-money telematics & speed limiter service providers in all of West Africa.